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You have the great ideas, impressive concepts and unwavering passion for expansion that can take your business to the next level. You’re excited about offering new products and services to deserving customers. But when it comes time to showcase your new services or products at your next trade show or seminar, you realize just how much work goes into properly representing your brand at events like these.

Having us handle the logistics of your next event lets you focus on the core of your business. We deliver not only expertly designed branded material, like pens, banners, water bottles, and more, but also offer to store and reproduce any materials you may need in the future. Simplify your business operations and procedures by letting us handle your event logistics and support, all under one roof.

We know how to run and manage all aspects of event logistics and support. Whether your event is a speaking engagement, an employee orientation, a trade show, or any other event, we will handle the complicated process' of designing, producing, shipping, and storing your event materials.

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Results Driven

Results Driven

We are obsessively focused on surpassing our customers needs. Time and time again, we have excelled at providing event materials and support, even under the tightest of deadlines.

Proven Know How

Proven Know How

Today, USP is one of the most robust and able forces in the business world. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, it's easy to trust USP Event with all of your marketing and event management needs.



We really do it all. All of your business and customer acquisition requests and issues are handled by our staff, so you can count on them to know your account personally.

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CRM setup and ongoing maintenance

Event Consultation

The first step in streamlining your event procedures is to schedule a private consultation with our operations and marketing teams. We know that each client’s requirements are unique, and the best way to create a custom solution for your upcoming project is to sit together and go over your company’s needs and wants. During this time, we hone in on your events' function and purpose, such as who you are trying to reach and what your overall objectives are. From there we move to logistics: how big, how often, what promotional items, what printed materials, what level of technological integration needed, etc. We do everything in-house, meaning that we have complete control over the entire process. That also means that when we say “YES” to something, we genuinely mean it. We are confident that together we can find the best answer to your event logistics needs… if you can dream it we can make it happen.

ECommerce system and data maintenance

Design and Production

Once we figure out a game plan for your event, we move to the design and production portion of the process. Our in-house design team will work closely with you and your team to start designing your booth space, signage, name badges (both staff and attendee), tablecloths, flags, promotional items, and whatever else you need to stand out and get the job done. Right across from our design station we begin producing all of your printed items using our fleet of commercial copiers and printers. Items like books, booklets, spiral binders, pamphlets, handouts, folders, notepads, coupons, cards, stickers, etc. are designed and produced with ease at one of our facilities. Once we have ensured that you are happy with your personalized products, we offer kitting services, so we can put your products together so they're ready to go on the day of your event. Need 600 totes with a pen, catalog, notepad, and water bottle assembled? Done. Need 5000 backpacks with a t-shirt, gift certificate, book, and coffee cup put together before your event next Tuesday? No problem. Unlike other print or fulfillment houses, our team can design, produce, and ship your products, all from under the same roof.

Digital marketing campaign design and management

Synced Technology

Now that we have all your event displays, supplies, and products ready to go and stored in our warehouse, we want to make sure that you feel confident that we’ll deliver everything exactly where it needs to be (…and on time!) Our CRM system allows you to sync your event calendar with our production schedule, meaning that we are both on the same page at all times. Also, since we do EVERYTHING in-house, we can do a lot of things same day. Our easy to use program and state-of-the-art software allows you to check inventory, see what you need, track orders and shipments, and order new products. We want to ensure that you feel like you have an unobstructed line of communication with your product and how it is handled at all times.

Physical marketing design, production and management

Storage and Shipping

As mentioned before, all the products we create for you are stored in-house. With you, we’ll design the optimal configuration of storage units to suit your specific requirements so you don’t have to figure that out with yet another third party. Since we store all the products you need, we are ready to ship them anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. We maintain close relationships with many major carriers, such as FedEx and DHL, so we can get your materials to your venue reliably. We also have you covered post-event… once your team is finished they simply have to pack everything back up in the same container we provide, then use the provided shipping label to get it back to our warehouse. From there, we’ll store it and get your products ready to run through the same cycle for all future events.

Event marketing design, production and management

Repair and Reship

Before your event materials are shipped out to your next event, they go through a rigorous inspection process in our warehouse. We want to make sure that your supplies arrive in perfect condition for every event, so our team opens and quality checks each component of your kit upon return. We check for damage, replace missing pens, repair signs, replenish printed materials, dry clean tablecloths, and whatever else needs to be done before we return anything to your designated area in the warehouse. We have the manpower and know-how to provide this level of care for all of our clients, whether they do one event a month or 15 a day.

Inbound and outbound management

Post Event Logistics

We know that there is still a lot of work to be done post-event. We can handle all aspects of follow-up with attendees including creation, assembly and shipping of welcome kits, information packets, certificates, thank you cards, and gifts. We can also manage your social media precense, such as Facebook and Instagram posting. Let us further assist you in preparing your future seminar attendees with mailed event tickets and invitation cards. Whatever type of follow-up you need, we are prepared to handle it for you.

Why USP Event?

With years of experience providing support for demanding clients, we will ensure your event is a success. We take the hassle out of preparing and executing all types of customer-focused engagements and specialize in seminars, speaker, sales & marketing, and live specialty events. Our staff works with you to optimize every aspect of your event logistics and our wide array of complementary services are available to make sure you have total support and coverage. Call us today!

Company Philosophy

As part of the USP group family, at USP Event, we are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies manage the complicated details involved in succesfully producing a company event.

USP Event is your one-stop Event Management partner.

A Brief Look At Our History

  • 1989

    US Printing is born

    Three childhood friends set up a retail, walk-in print and copy center in Chino, California. Business soon takes off as word traveled about their design skills and fast service.

  • 1998

    Expansion of US Printing

    US Printing continues to grow and now has five locations across Southern California. Our customer base now includes major retail and media clients and our number of services continue to grow as we adapt to clients’ changing needs.

  • 2008

    USP Fulfillment is born

    In the midst of the Great Recession of 2008, we decided to double down and branch out. USP Fulfillment is created and carves a niche in the public speaking and seminar market, and via word-of-mouth we become to go-to company for many of the largest names in the US.

  • 2019

    Enter USP Event

    Seeing an opportunity to help small and medium sized businesses, USP creates a new entity to take our experience in sales and marketing to the next level by offering a diverse set of services focused on helping our clients maximize their growth investments.